Building & Preserving Your Wealth

By Rebecca Scaife

Published on: August 8, 2022

Wealth Management

Money means different things to different people. As Financial Planners we don’t believe that, for most people at least, simply being rich is the end goal. As one of our clients put it; “surely the goal in life is to have the bank manager running after the hearse because the last cheque bounced”.

Equally, we don’t believe that most people have financial goals, but rather lifestyle or values-based goals that have financial implications.

Being clear about what money means to you, enables us to better understand how we can create a tailored financial plan that’s unique to your goals and circumstances.

Creating wealth is one thing, but preserving it is quite another. We understand that you want your money to achieve all that is important to you. However, with wealth comes complexity and responsibility.

Planning for increases in the cost of living, changes to interest rates, taxes and increasing life expectancy means that your wealth needs to work reasonably hard just to stand still.

Making good financial decisions is becoming increasingly difficult but spending all your time reading pages of financial information may not be your idea of fun.

There is no shortage of people ready to offer to help you to manage your wealth. The problem though is in knowing whether they have your best interests at heart.

What if you could find a team of experts whose interests were aligned with your own and who delivered tangible value, year in year out?

We are committed to helping you to plan, save and invest for your future in such a way that it allows you to live the life you want to lead. When it comes down to it, what we do isn’t about us – it’s about you.

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