Creating Everlake

By Gerry Murphy

Published on: December 15, 2022

Our Chairman Gerry Gerry is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Tax Adviser and a Certified Financial Planner with wide business experience across various different sectors.

Managing your financial affairs can be a confusing and time consuming business, so much so that many of us put off making important decisions about our family finances.

As a business owner and Chief Financial Officer of a successful company, I was used to dealing with competent professional advisers. Following the sale of the business I set about reviewing my own family’s finances and I looked for the best professional advice.

I found good legal and tax advice but I struggled to find good investment advice. There is no shortage of financial institutions, intermediaries and stockbrokers offering, often conflicting, advice on investing.

The investment advice seldom takes regard of an individual’s tax and legal implications and usually involves substantial commissions payable to the broker. I could not find an advisory practice in the Irish market with the range of expertise and independence that I sought. As a result, I spent considerable time working with my advisors to put together a solution that met my objectives.

On the back of this experience I decided to establish a Financial Planning business to cater for clients like me. In Marc Westlake I found a seasoned business partner, with international experience. He shares my passion for client focused fee based financial advice which avoids the conflicts of interest associated with commission based products.

In 2020 we merged our business with Ethical Financial. A family run company for over 25 years, we chose to join forces due to our shared values and approach of always working in the best interest of our clients.

We have put together a small team of professionals who are committed to working with clients and their professional advisors to develop the best long-term strategies, individually tailored to client needs.

Our team looks forward to working with you.

Gerry Murphy – Chairman