Financial Planning for US Nationals

Financial Planning for US Nationals

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Everlake has a strategic partnership with Creative Planning International for US Citizens living in Ireland

Creative Planning International specialises in working with cross-border investors and American expats living abroad. They bring decades of experience in investment management and financial planning, to provides comprehensive wealth management for American citizens abroad and international families located in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Everlake works on a fixed retainer fee to assist with Irish-specific planning issues.

Collectively we analyse our clients’ entire financial picture and direct their investments accordingly, by understanding their specialised needs as Americans living outside of the U.S.

We deliver all of our services with special attention to the unique legal, tax and personal issues confronting Americans abroad. Matters we commonly advise on include:

  • Currency exposure management
  • Tax and planning implications of non-US citizen spouses
  • Investing in foreign mutual funds and the remittance basis of taxation in Ireland
  • Employment taxation, retirement planning and investment issues in Ireland

Expat Investing, Planning and Tax Advice

Creative’s investment management process employs an index allocation strategy intended to deliver superior long-term investment results through broad diversification and tax efficiency. Investment management is complemented with comprehensive financial planning, allowing clients to optimally employ IRAs, Roths, 401ks, 529s and other tax-advantaged investment accounts while remaining in compliance with, and making the most of, local and US tax laws.

If you’re a US citizen, living in Ireland, get in touch to find out how we can assist with your financial planning

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