Navigating Cross-Border Wealth Planning

David & Niamh, a successful couple in their mid-50s, were are at a pivotal point in their lives when we met them. The couple met in the UK but moved back to Niamh’s home city of Cork when they had their children.

Planning for the Future

Once their children had almost finished college, they were starting to think about their future, the possibility of permanently moving to their property in Spain or returning to the UK, and the legacy they’ll leave behind.

Their story is an example of how our services can help clients achieve their goals while overcoming challenges and embracing an international lifestyle.

Balancing Multiple Goals & Navigating Tax Efficiency

David & Niamh’s primary goal was to take care of their heirs and extract value from their businesses. They also wanted to ensure tax efficiency but were hesitant to change the status quo and worried about triggering capital gains tax and stamp duty. With a mix of investment assets, old pensions, and a recent inheritance, they had a complex financial situation to manage.

A Tailored Approach to Wealth Management

Our team of experts helped David & Niamh navigate their goals and challenges with a tailored approach. Along with their solicitors, we established a Family Partnership for the couple. We engaged with specialist tax consultants to provide guidance on retirement and investment strategies. Additionally, we created bespoke investment portfolios that catered to their unique needs and tax situation.

Cross-Border Expertise

Our services also addressed their cross-border concerns. We specialise in estate planning that covers both the UK and Ireland, as well as advising Irish resident and non-domiciled clients. This expertise proved invaluable for David & Niamh as they considered their property in Spain and the potential of returning to the UK.

A Confident Path Forward & a Bright Future for Their Heirs

Thanks to our comprehensive wealth planning services, David & Niamh can now confidently face the future. They’re able to make informed decisions about their estate, investments, and potential relocation, all while ensuring tax efficiency and safeguarding their legacy for their children.

Are you facing similar challenges as David & Niamh?

Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the complexities of wealth management, cross-border estate planning, and tax efficiency. Let us help you achieve your goals and protect your legacy. Contact us today to get started.

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