Financial planning is a journey over many years and through many different stages of life.

By identifying the goals that you have in your life, and arranging your finances to try and meet them, we aim to give you financial clarity, focus, and peace of mind over the years ahead.

We assist you in identifying future goals for yourself or your loved ones; these might include paying for children/grandchildren’s private education, assistance with house deposits, or saving for your own retirement. We then set out the financial requirements to achieve those goals.

We advise you on strategies to use your income and existing investment assets effectively to plan for future one off significant expenses.


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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

How should I save for my child’s future?

In our experience, families that work together across the generations (grandparents, parents, children) are more successful in achieving these goals.

Saving up to buy a house is difficult, are there any shortcuts?

If you are investing money over the short term to try and make profit, you are not investing you are gambling. In our experience, families that work together are more successful at solving these problems. Shortcuts are hard to achieve on your own.

How much life assurance should I have?

The amount will vary depending on the number of dependents you have and their individual requirements.

I have just had a child, what should my financial priorities be?

Make a will and appoint guardians. Make sure you have adequate life assurance and income protection. Take your parental leave to try and enjoy those years.