Investing is complex, and particularly so in Ireland.

Before our clients invest any money, we encourage and work with them to identify their goals, objectives, and values about money. Sometimes not investing money is the right thing to do.

We don’t assume that just making more money for the sake of it is the right objective for everyone.

Long-term investment success means different things to different people. The best investment plan for you depends on your specific circumstances, objectives, and values.

Having clearly defined and articulated the goals, we work with our clients to implement a bespoke portfolio that is aligned to their objectives, values and philosophy about money.

We offer investors a choice of portfolios with a common philosophy applied to all – low cost, tax efficient, and globally diversified.


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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

Is DIY investing through online platforms the most effective way to invest?

Not in Ireland as there are significant hurdles when pursuing this investment route.

Are funds or ETFs better to buy?

This depends on your tax position. We tailor investment advice to individual client needs.

Are there ways to reduce tax on my investments?

Yes, there are alternative ways to invest that avoid exit tax. Tax in Ireland is both high and complex and should be a prime focus for all investors.

Should I choose my own investments?

No, investing is complex and requires professional guidance and monitoring.