Imagine a life in which your investments are supporting the values and beliefs you hold.

How would it feel to invest some, or all, of your money in what you believe in? Would you feel better knowing that you’re ‘doing well by doing good?’ This is the reason that many investors are interested in responsible investing.

You might be concerned about the environment and sustainability, or you might wish to exclude certain investments from your portfolio on ethical grounds.

With over two decades of experience of positive impact investing, our consultative client process is designed to uncover your true intent for your finances.  If aligning your investment strategy and values about society and the environment are important to you, then we build portfolios that will help you to meet this specific investment objective.

We believe that as long as you follow the basic principles of investing success, you can follow a socially responsible investment approach and not expect to negatively impact the performance of your portfolio.

When it comes to Philanthropy, we have considerable experience of working with our clients to establish donations to their chosen beneficiaries.


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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

Does ethical investing cost more?

At the fund level usually yes, but there are many advantages to also be considered.

Does ethical investing reduce my returns?

There is no evidence for this. Socially responsible investing appears to provide at least as good a return as most other kinds of investing over the long term.

Can I see which companies I’m investing in?

Yes, we build socially responsible portfolios that are fully transparent to reassure you that your values are being respected.

Should I give money away to charity?

Your generosity will be a great use of some surplus money, once your dependents are taken care of and you have sufficient wealth for your own means.

Can I pick and choose my own ethical investments?

Not usually but there are different options that can be explored to identify the best fit with your principles and values.