Guiding you towards a sound financial future later in life is our ultimate goal.

Legislation has changed in recent years to reduce the attractiveness of pensions for high earners, but they remain an excellent way to plan for your later years.

We believe that retirement is one of the ‘big rocks’ in your life, like getting married or having children. Retirement is a life changing event that requires a professional assessment of the life you want to live in your later years, and a clear strategy to achieve your objectives.

The focus for many people should not be on the products used to provide for your retirement, but on the things that matter to you. We prefer to focus on how much income you will need and the things that are within your control, like how much investment risk you take.


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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

Is my pension going to be adequate for my retirement?

In our experience usually no. The main reasons being that people don’t save enough and they don’t start early enough.

Should I invest in a pension or overpay my mortgage?

This depends on a variety of factors such as: interest rates, inflation, your age, amount of debt you have and multiple other factors. The answer requires an analysis specific to your circumstances.

I’m trying to understand my fees but it seems complex?

Fees matter a lot as they reduce your returns. We believe in complete transparency and low-cost investing. Costs are often hidden from investors in Ireland.

I am likely to go over the €2 million threshold with my pension – any advice?

Yes, we have bespoke strategies in place for our clients to minimise the impact of this.

I don’t have a pension from my employer.

You should start your own pension. Even without employer contributions, the tax saving on employee contributions makes a pension worthwhile.