We offer intelligent, solutions-focused advice to help preserve wealth and plan for the generations to come

Everlake offers a bespoke service that will help you to define and achieve your objectives in an ever changing legal, tax and regulatory environment. Our tailored services are designed to help you reduce costs, risk and tax. We endeavour to free up your time to pursue your personal passions and interests.

Our Wealth Planning process is designed to combine your money, your values and your personal goals into one cohesive plan.

Through the main financial planning cornerstones of risk management, investment, retirement planning and estate planning, we work with you to build a plan that protects your wealth, your capital, your income, your livelihood, and the lifestyle of your family.

We specialise in working with foreign nationals currently living in, or considering moving to Ireland, such as US and UK nationals.


Investment Consulting

By thinking clearly about your goals and circumstances, we build an investment plan that best matches your needs and the realities of the financial markets.

We offer investors a choice of portfolios to meet their investment preferences and tax status, as well as matching their values and investment philosophy through ethically focussed portfolios.


Tax & Estate Planning

With more than 30 years’ experience providing estate planning advice, we understand that the transfer of wealth within a family is an emotive subject and needs careful, and timely planning.

At Everlake we will navigate you through the challenges of wealth transfer, helping to ensure your specific wishes and goals are achieved, while reducing the impact of tax for you and your loved ones.

Moving to Ireland

Moving to a new country is an exciting time in your life, however, you will also face some challenges with your finances. Without proper planning, some of these can turn into expensive mistakes.

Our Managing Director has first-hand experience in moving to Ireland from the UK. As such, we are exceptionally well-placed to consult in this area. Our specialist niche is advising non-domiciled families and individuals moving to or living in Ireland.

Foreign Nationals in Ireland

Social Impact, Ethical Investing & Philanthropy

With over three decades of experience of positive impact investing, our consultative client process is designed to uncover your true intent for your finances.

If aligning your investment strategy and values about society and the environment are important to you, we offer portfolios that will help you to meet this specific investment objective.


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What our clients say

“Your approach works”

Your approach works. The personal touch and absolute transparency you guys deliver, as well as the extra value adds that come in floods makes it work so well. It’s a superb model.

Graham – Company Owner

“I wish we had met earlier”

As retirement approached, I was unsure how my assets could achieve their full potential. The suggested strategy has much improved my financial condition. I wish we had met earlier.

Jonathan Hession – Photographer

“Expert guidance & deep thinking”

Marc, thank you for the guidance and counsel over the last 6 months. I particularly valued your deep thinking about the risk/reward trade-offs involved.  A pleasure to deal with.

Jeremy – Chief Executive Officer

“Long standing clients”

As long-standing clients of Everlake, what attracted us was Marc’s defined and understandable investment philosophy that was not doctrinaire but tailored to our individual needs.

J&C Fahy – Cork

“No ordinary wealth planning company”

You exceed all expectations in your quality of service and deliverables. I will always recommend you – trusted, reliable, and honest. This is no ordinary wealth planning company!

Simon Wigzell – Business & Private Client

“Not enough time to manage our money”

I have been with Everlake for some 7 years now, and increasingly appreciate the service you offer. Because of Everlake, I can concentrate on what I want to do, and sleep easily.

Hospital Consultant

“I needed international expertise”

I needed financial and tax guidance on the nuances of being Irish resident while having UK, US and Irish citizens in our family. You have more than fulfilled my expectations.

Company Director

“Truly life changing advice”

Marc has helped structure our corporate and personal finances to make them as tax efficient as possible. His advice and recommendations have been truly life changing.

Ross Killen

“You follow your principles”

You focus on me and discuss possibilities with a realistic and balanced view of investment risk & return. You really believe in your stated principles and follow them faithfully.

Pat L. – Software Development Consultant (Galway)

Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

I’m a company director – how should I structure my affairs?

Many strategic planning options exist for company directors that are often overlooked by accountants. We have considerable expertise and experience working with clients and their professional advisors to manage their business affairs, including selling a business.

Can you give me advice about inheritance and how best to manage this process?

Whilst we are not lawyers, we do have considerable experience advising on estate planning. In particular, we work with clients to help them establish Family Partnerships, and to plan for and manage their inheritance tax.

I have multiple assets and a complex financial situation; can you help me?

Absolutely yes. We have considerable experience across a wide range of complex financial matters.

We’re planning on moving to Ireland – when should I talk to you?

Now is the time to start the conversation. Don’t delay. There may be wise financial actions to implement in your current country of residency, that will optimise your financial potential in Ireland.