Before you invest…

One of the possible investment choices that you have is not to invest. You may tell us that you need to invest spare cash that you have in the bank and we will ask “what’s important about this money to you?”

We don’t assume that just making more money for the sake of it is the right objective for everyone. The right choice for you may be to pay off debt, donate it to charity, gift it to family or just spend it!

Only when you are clear about the real purpose for your money can we provide you with clear guidance.

That is why the Investment Consulting Process really begins with our Financial Planning Process, helping you to establish your true intent for your money.

As qualified professional advisors it is our role to understand you, your financial needs and goals.

Providing the most suitable investment options is a key part of the service we offer, ensuring that the best returns are provided that match your need, willingness, and ability to take investment risk.

Investing is complex, and particularly so in Ireland…

Once it’s been established that your spare cash needs a longer-term home, with better potential than a traditional bank account or State Savings, we begin the Investment Consulting Process.

In comparison to other countries, the Irish tax and investment landscape is relatively complex. We will help you to understand these issues and choose investment options to best suit your personal circumstances. Read more in our Guide to Investing in Ireland.

Long-term investment success means different things to different people. The best investment plan for you depends on your specific circumstances, objectives, and values.

Having clearly defined and articulated the goals, we work with our clients to implement a bespoke portfolio that is aligned to their objectives, values, tax status and philosophy about money.

A key part of our investment proposition is the way in which we work with external partners to assist with fund research and selection, portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring so that you can have peace of mind that your investments are constantly being reviewed and managed to meet your desired goals.

We offer investors a choice of portfolios with a common philosophy applied to all – low cost, tax efficient, and globally diversified.


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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

Is DIY investing through online platforms the most effective way to invest?

Not in Ireland as there are significant hurdles when pursuing this investment route.

Are funds or ETFs better to buy?

This depends on your tax position. We tailor investment advice to individual client needs.

Are there ways to reduce tax on my investments?

Yes, there are alternative ways to invest that avoid exit tax. Tax in Ireland is both high and complex and should be a prime focus for all investors.

Should I choose my own investments?

No, investing is complex and requires professional guidance and monitoring.