We help you tackle the financial challenges of moving to Ireland.

Moving to a new country is an exciting time in your life. You will experience a new culture, work environment and way of living.

You will also face some challenges in how you manage your financial life. Without proper planning, some of these can turn into expensive mistakes.

Working with you and a tax consultant, we can advise you how to structure your assets before moving to Ireland, and in particular, before becoming tax resident. With first-hand experience in moving to Ireland, we are exceptionally well-placed to consult in this area.

Our specialist niche is advising non-domiciled families and individuals moving to or living in Ireland. We assist you with taking advantage of the favourable tax treatment of investment portfolios that are subject to the remittance basis of taxation.

Forward planning is critical in this area, and it is often advantageous to restructure an existing portfolio prior to you becoming Irish tax resident. Restructuring after moving to Ireland is also possible but may be more complex or less effective.

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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

I am planning to move to Ireland – should I contact you before or after I move?

Planning your personal finances for a move to Ireland should start as soon as possible, ideally before you move.

I have moved to Ireland and would like to know my options.

This is a bespoke service we offer to clients as there are a variety of considerations depending on your nationality. Please get in touch to arrange a planning meeting.

Is my tax status different because my father wasn’t born in Ireland? Are there tax advantages to being a non-domiciled individual?

It’s very likely that you have a different tax status if your father was born outside of Ireland. There are significant advantages to establishing your tax status and pursuing a financial plan based on this.