Investments that support your values and are sustainable for our collective futures.

Sustainable Investing has become a strong social movement in recent years. Increased demands from investors for transparency and progress on sustainability issues has ensured that investment managers have to continually consider and report on issues that were not considered important factors just a generation ago.

Our experience in the field of sustainable investing dates back to 1997, when one of our founding firms, Ethical Financial, was established. Since then, our continued pursuit and research into this field has given us unique perspective and insight into the technical and emotive details of the subject.

Sustainable investing is a core part of our investment offering. During our advisory process, we assess your attitude to sustainable investing as a routine part of our engagement process. We use our expertise and experience in this field to explore both the financial goals and personal values of our clients. This is very much a collaborative process, and the outcome will look different for each person.

We recognise that an individual’s values are personal to them, and we don’t seek to assume or ascribe a certain value set to our clients. At Everlake we approach the topic of sustainable investing in an informed and impartial manner.

Should you wish to invest sustainably, we can advise you on a range of appropriate investment portfolios. We will spend time with you examining your options and explaining the related risk, reward, and cost implications of investing in this way.

Sustainable investing with Everlake is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We recognise the importance of our client’s capital in providing for themselves and their families.

Our belief is that sustainable investing can make a positive difference to our collective future. By joining your capital with other likeminded investors, the ability to influence the behaviour of companies, in line with sustainable values, increases.

We see continued evidence, via the flows of capital towards sustainable investing, and in the increasing regulation that is building, that sustainable investing is not just a craze that will pass with time.

However, a note of caution, we need to be realistic that sustainable investing alone is not the answer to the world’s sustainability challenges. Collective action is needed across governments, civil society, the private sector, and dedicated individuals and communities to drive change and improve the future outlook for society and our planet.


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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

Does sustainable investing cost more?

At the fund level usually yes, but there are many advantages to also be considered.

Does sustainable investing reduce my returns?

There is no evidence for this. Socially responsible investing appears to provide at least as good a return as most other kinds of investing over the long term.

Can I see which companies I’m investing in?

Yes, we build socially responsible portfolios that are fully transparent to reassure you that your values are being respected.

Should I give money away to charity?

Your generosity will be a great use of some surplus money, once your dependents are taken care of and you have sufficient wealth for your own means.

Can I pick and choose my own sustainable investments?

Not usually but there are different options that can be explored to identify the best fit with your principles and values.