The core elements of inheritance tax & estate planning are legal effectiveness, tax efficiency and practicality.

Creating a comprehensive financial plan requires the preparation of an estate plan. Once in place, your estate plan can minimise the inheritance tax liability of transferring your wealth to the next generation. 

It’s never too early to begin considerations for transferring your wealth. In fact, the earlier you begin this process, the more inheritance tax efficient your plan can become. 

With more than 30 years’ experience providing estate planning advice, we understand that money is an emotive subject. With this in mind, we will navigate you through the challenges of transferring your wealth to the next generation and/or to charitable causes.

Your estate plan could include gifts, inheritances, and philanthropy requirements and inheritance tax in Ireland can be complicated. Consequently, we use our in depth knowledge of Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), gift & inheritance tax thresholds, trusts, family partnerships, tax reliefs & tax exemptions to create your bespoke estate plan.

Your advisor will help you to establish if you have enough to do all that is important to you. Based on a reasonable set of assumptions, we then implement your estate plan, without fear of you ever running out of money.

Working with Legal Professionals and Tax Advisors, we use our insightful knowledge to establish how, when, and how much of your wealth is passed on to the next generation. 

Our Managing Director, Marc Westlake, is a registered Trust & Estate Practitioner and member of the prestigious Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Ireland.


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Here are just some of the questions we hear most often.

Are there ways to reduce my inheritance tax bill?

Yes, there are several legitimate ways to do this.

What is the best way to pass assets to my children?

This varies depending on the asset – businesses, cash, houses, investments are all potentially treated differently.