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Patrick, a dynamic entrepreneur aged 53, has been a client of Everlake’s for several years. He stands at the helm of a thriving business and through dedication and innovation, has accumulated substantial wealth within his company and in personal assets over the years.

Patrick recognises the importance of meticulous financial planning to ensure the continued success of his business and his family’s financial well-being, now and long into the future.

The Values That Guide Him

Patrick values honesty and transparency and places great trust in our expertise. Although he already possesses a great deal of financial knowledge, Patrick values the time spent working with us to navigate him through the intricacies of financial planning. His forward-thinking mindset and appreciation for innovation aligns well with our values at Everlake.

Charting the Path Forward

When we first met Patrick, he had already built an extremely successful and profitable business. Patrick was looking for an advisor to deliver expert advice, tailored to his unique needs, particularly around his diverse portfolio of personal assets which was complicated and time consuming to manage.

During our early meetings with Patrick, we established a list of financial goals to achieve together including unravelling the complexities of his investment portfolio, managing the wealth within his business, creating a robust retirement strategy, and devising a tax-efficient estate plan.

Financial Planning for His Business

Patrick’s ambition is not without its challenges. As the decision-maker, he’s constantly pressed for time and has to deal with multiple influencers within the business. Balancing the company’s needs and retaining valuable members of his team, was proving to be a tricky task. Additionally, he was seeking tailored financial advice to help him transition his business to the next generation in the future.

We helped Patrick to create a comprehensive staff benefits package that included a director’s pension plan. This not only helped him to retain and reward his existing team but also made his company an attractive prospect for top talent in the industry.

Personal Wealth Planning Advice

We’ve worked with Patrick over the last five years to put a clear path to retirement in place for him and his wife. His investment strategy has become more streamlined, tax efficient and manageable.

We assisted Patrick and his solicitor in creating a clear succession plan by establishing a Family Partnership and planning for transitioning his business to his children in the future. This has not only given Patrick peace of mind but brings an opportunity to share his financial skills and knowledge with his family and prepare them for managing their own finances in the future.

Peace of Mind from a Unique & Comprehensive Financial Plan

Patrick’s journey is a testament to the power of visionary thinking. The hours he invested in establishing his financial plan with our advisors has further increased his ambition and motivation to focus on continuing to grow his business. While steering his business towards further success, he now has peace of mind that he is on a secure and successful path to retirement and that his family will also have financial security in the future.

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