Crafting a Bright Future for Their Children Through Smart Financial Planning

Sean & Meera are a hardworking couple in their mid-40s with a clear vision for their family’s future. They want to provide their children with the best possible start in life, including a college education and assistance onto the housing ladder. With a net worth of over €2 million and investment assets over €1 million (including their pensions), they turned to our financial planning services to set them on the right path to realising their goals.

Balancing Ambitious Goals with a Desire for Security and Tax Efficiency

The couple faced several challenges in their quest to secure their financial future. They wanted to pay off their remaining mortgage, ensure tax efficiency, and explore retirement strategies.

Investing in Property

Online advice and consultations with other advisors had suggested they purchase an investment property. However, the stress of being landlords and the potential risk with this strategy didn’t appeal to either of them! They also had concerns about the safety and legality of moving pensions offshore and establishing a non-EU ETF investment portfolio.

Comprehensive Financial Planning to Achieve Their Goals

Our team of financial experts worked closely with Sean & Meera to develop a tailored plan that met their goals and addressed their concerns. We guided them through clearing their debt, implementing retirement strategies, and moving pensions offshore.

Investment Strategy

We altered their investment strategy to become more tax efficient and potentially save up to 70% in taxes. The strategy also provides a passive income to help them support their children’s education and future housing needs without the hassle of managing a rental property.

A Secure Financial Future and a Lasting Legacy for Their Children

With our expert guidance and personalised financial planning, Sean & Meera can now confidently look forward to a future of raising their children with financial security. They’ve successfully navigated the complexities of tax efficiency, retirement strategies, and investment planning confident with the legality of their decisions and within a comfortable level of risk for them.

Are you facing similar challenges as Sean & Meera?

If you’re seeking to secure a bright future for your family and need expert financial planning advice, our team is here to help. Contact us today to begin your journey towards achieving your goals and leaving a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

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