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Wealth comes in many forms. In Ireland, and indeed in most countries, wealth predominately takes the form of property (both residential and commercial) and private businesses.

The remaining wealth is comprised of deposits with banks and investible securities like shares and bonds. Investments are either held directly, through pension funds, or through other investment vehicles.

We believe that managing your wealth is a very personal endeavour. Wealth that is invested in property, or a private or family business, most likely takes a considerable amount of your time and commitment to manage.

Managing private or family businesses often involves very personal relationships with family members, private investors, customers, suppliers, management, and employees. Likewise in property, the relationship with tenants is central to the endeavour.

While these investments can be a significant part of your wealth, they are often not generating surplus cash in the short term due to banking, investment, or other commitments.

In addition, consideration of the future of the business beyond the working lifetime of the existing owners and management requires timely attention.

For individuals whose wealth is primarily derived from their employment or profession, managing wealth generally involves a focus on wealth accumulation through saving and investing wisely.

Managing your wealth can be a daunting task. There are several issues to consider including trade-offs between competing priorities as well as the complex legal, tax and regulatory matters which arise.

Nevertheless, we are strongly of the view that you and your family are best placed to take the key decisions about managing your wealth.

We provide you with assistance in clarifying your objectives, assessing the options, and consideration of the tax, legal and regulatory concerns. Together we develop a comprehensive Wealth Management plan with you.

A comprehensive, actionable Wealth Management plan will help you to use your resources wisely, can free up some of your time and give you the confidence to know that your financial future is secure.

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