Everlake Guide to Investing in Ireland

By Rebecca Scaife

Published on: November 2, 2022

Investing is a very personal decision. Some of us are very comfortable talking about money and investing. For others the world of equities and bonds is very distant from our everyday lives. Whatever your circumstances you will have unique challenges and opportunities.

We will always take the time necessary to review your existing circumstances and make specific recommendations in respect of your existing assets and liabilities. As fee-based advisers, we conduct this analysis free from the conflict of interest associated with an adviser who is only remunerated if they sell you a new product.

As we look to the future you may wish to consider new issues such as life and legacy planning. We always take to time to consider the best way of deploying your assets to take care of your heirs. We can facilitate a range of planning structures including loans, partnerships, trusts and corporate structures that may assist you to support your family as they progress through life

Finally, bear in mind that, relative to other countries, the Irish tax and investment landscape is relatively complex. We will help you to understand these issues and to articulate them by working through each of the steps you need to consider as laid out in this guide.

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