Our Clients…

We advise people from all walks of life. Below are some examples of how we can assist with your financial goals and objectives.


Enriching Lives with Comprehensive Wealth Planning Advice

We worked with Patrick to create a financial plan that includes his personal wealth, his business, and the future of his heirs.

David & Niamh

Navigating Cross-Border Wealth Planning

We helped David & Niamh to navigate their goals and challenges with a tailored approach focussing on passing wealth to their children, cross border concerns and tax efficiency.

Sally & Bill

A Journey to Secure Retirement & Financial Peace of Mind

We help retirees secure their financial future, balancing risk aversion and the need for income through tax optimised investment portfolios.

Alex & Maya

Balancing Success, Family & Finances with Expert Financial Planning

We help time-pressed, busy couples like Alex & Maya with high-quality advice that prioritises their goals, maximises their assets and addresses issues such as the US estate tax on employer company shares.

Sean & Meera

Crafting a Bright Future for Their Children Through Smart Financial Planning

We help couples to balance ambitious goals with a desire for security and tax efficiency, like Sean & Meera who faced several challenges in their quest to a secure financial future and a lasting legacy for their children.

Everlake provides a wide range of financial services and expertise…

Everlake offers an expert level of bespoke wealth planning advice that will help you to achieve your objectives in an ever changing legal, tax and regulatory environment.

Expert Guides

Our series of expert guides can help you understand the various elements of financial planning.

Financial Planning for anyone moving to Ireland or returning to Ireland

Foreign Nationals

Examine how to structure your assets before moving to Ireland, and in particular, before becoming tax resident.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing

Consider investing your wealth in a way that aligns with your personal values and benefits our collective futures.

With more than 30 years’ experience providing estate planning advice, we understand that money is an emotive subject. At Everlake we will navigate you through the challenges of transferring your wealth to the next generation and/or charitable causes. Estate planning includes gifts, inheritances, and philanthropy requirements.


With 30+ years’ experience, we understand that wealth transfer within a family needs careful and timely planning.

“People don’t generally have financial goals but rather lifestyle goals that have financial implications. We help you to use your money to lead the best life possible”

Marc Westlake

Managing Director